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To anchor peace on Earth, to put an end to terror and to put an end to misery, to mitigate climate change, we must review our global political system and our individual commitment to Humanity. Evolving our Collective Consciousness.

Peace on Earth will be.
When the world freely will express
The Dignity « inherent to all members of the Human Family »

A global stragey at three scales for a Collective Consciousness oriented towards common happiness:
A Global level

He oversees what is vital for humans and the Earth:
natural resources, food, health, justice, peace,
Human Dignity.

  • It operates at a global scale,
  • Its functioning will be independent of Nations, religions, cultures, beliefs,…
  • The people who compose it will do so in a spirit of sharing, at the service of humanity.
  • His approach will be identical to that of an orchestra: uniting everyone’s talents to seek the ultimate harmony of Peace on Earth, playing the Symphony of Common Happiness.
  • He will report on his actions, to the whole world.
A National level

Each country must remain in control of its choices:
economy, cultural, political,…

  • It operates at a country scale.
  • Each country can retain ownership of its natural resources. It is the management of natural resources that it is desirable to supervise on a global scale, so that they are not destroyed for monetary gain.
  • There will be a need for transparency in public accounts, in order to be sure that public funding is not used to finance conflicts, and the supremacy of large groups of financial, industrial,..
  • In a democracy, a government must show that it respects its electoral program, or justify the discrepancies that it is obliged to make for situations that he could not have foreseen before being elected.
  • In a democracy, citizens must be able to express their opinions throughout a mandate, not just during elections.
Country associations, such as Europe

To provide a footing for small countries concerning:
the global economy, security, immigration, the unknown of the future..

  • It operates at the countries scale.
  • The aim will be to pool administrative, legislative,… powers, for the prosperity and protection of the political, social and economic rights of all member countries; and not seek to homogenize their lifestyles.
  • We must preserve cultures, countries and their history.
  • We must maintain a common currency must to promote trade and the economy between member countries.
  • Coordination between countries, in order to have an impact at the global level, in the face of major economic powers.
A Citizen level

Each citizen commits and takes responsibility:
For Life.

  • It operates at the local level, through personal and professional acts, via associations, collectives, NGOs.
  • It will be necessary to realize that the World is the result of the individual actions of each.
  • The citizen will develop his thinking about information, his conscience, his free will.
  • Everyone will take part in the political, economic, cultural life of his Country,
  • Everyone will feel responsible for the Earth, and for common happiness.
  • Each human being is a part of humanity in becoming.

Supported by a World Fund of Fraternal Humanity:

It will finance everything that is vital to human beings,
as well as the management of the Earth’s natural resources, and Peace.
It will put an end the indebtedness of the countries, will put an end to misery and to terror.

  • It operates at a planetary scale.
  • The money will come from countries, from Europe, from citizens, from all scales of collective life.
  • Cultural, artistic and sporting events will be organized to guarantee financial autonomy, not dependent on donors.
  • Subsidies, non-refundable, will be allocated to countries to initiate actions, the aim of which will be to reduce inequalities in the country, to raise the standard of living of the population living in poverty.
  • Money has no value, that’s what we do with it, which gives it value.

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