An Initiation Opera to Common Happiness

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In 1791, Mozart created the Magic Flute « Die Zauberflöte », an initiation Opera in 2 acts, to show the supernatural strength that can have, a person who follows the sacred path, a couple united by a True Love.

In the middle of the 19th century, Verdi’s operas had a positive influence on the reunification of Italy.


I believe in Peace on Earth.

I believe it is possible to initiate it in one generation.

But we must give Meaning to our societies.

And this is, where it becomes complicated.

We are millions to form a society that defines a country, and as countries are globalized, we are more than 7 billion to have to agree together, to anchor Peace on Earth.


That’s why, I am working on an Initiation Opera to Common Happiness, a sequel to Mozart’s Magic Flute to awaken the Heart of Fraternal Humanity.

It will be an Opera in 4 acts, with a musical Overture only, and a Finale that will unite everyone together thanks to the creativity.

It will not be dramatic but initiatory, that is to say, it will follow the stages of personal development so that a Fraternal Humanity will be born, under the eyes of the spectators.


I introduce it to you:

Click on the image if you want to read the underlying concept.

Overture: An Initiation Opera to Common Happiness


Love transcends Boundaries.

Life has something Imperceptible,
A desire of Melody,
To be Heard.

Personal development stage: We are all co-creators of the World on Earth, but we do not all have the same power of action.

Regain Creativity, the foundation of Joy of Living.

Act 1: The Natural Duality


Love unites all that lives.

Life has something Visible,
A desire of Sharing,
To be Together.

Personal development stage:
What is Common Happiness.

Regain the just Company, the brilliance of the Stars in the Eyes.

Act 2: The Human Being

Its Sensibility.

Love illuminates in colors Dreams.

Life has something Palpable,
A desire of Harmony,
To be Amazed.

Personal development stage:
What’s personalize a Human Being.

Regain your Childhood Imagination, the emotion of the Beauty of Life.

Act 3: The Source of Origins

The Divine Breath.

Love vibrates in tune with Creation.

Life has something Invisible,
A desire of Serenity,
To be Enchanted.

Personal development stage:
What’s give us life.

Regain the other half of Self, the sweetness of Peace within You.

Act 4: The Death, the alpha and the omega of Life


Love perpetuates Memories.

Life has something Impalpable,
A desire of Freedom,
To be Alive.

Personal development stage:
What’s punctuate the cycle of births and deaths of our lives.

Regain the Natural, the enchantment of Being Human.

Final: The Heart of Fraternal Humanity

Love of Living.

Love builds Wonders.

Life has something Perceptible,
A desire of Challenge,
To be Recognized.

Personal development stage:
What’s animate the Heart of our Humanity.

Regain the taste of Living, the pleasure of Being Here.


Welcome to the Universe of the Initiation Opera to Common Hapiness,

You will find his progress on the website of Universe Art.

The Magic of Art is possible thanks to this particularity offered to human beings, which differentiates us from animals: Creativity.

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Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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