Unrepresentable God

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Human being creates beauty when it follows its divine nature.

Living on earth features more than 7 billion participants, Nature, Earth.
It takes place in the Universe. We have all a role to play.


There’s the first roles, the seconds roles, the extras,…

It requires directors, stage directors, assistants,…

The decor is the result of the work of researchers, engineers, technicians,…


Politics is the soundtrack, it gives rhythm;
if it is in symbiosis, it is harmony.

In each domain, the precious help of « little hands »,
without whom nothing would be possible.

For magic to work, everyone is as important than the other
and must be in is place.


Imagine one of the extras of The Lord of the Ring, playing in a swimsuit
with « In the moonlight » like soundtrack.


Let’s become the Actors of History
transcending our wildest Dreams

« Living Life in Peace »

It is in our Humanity that peace reside.
to make it a reality on Earth, Here and Now.

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Publié par Obel'Isa

Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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