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The pretty fable of the broken canopy

I was communicating with a team of researchers working on event theory … And then one day, I said to Manu who is part of this team:
– « I’m going to stop arguing with all of you… We live in worlds that are too different… »
– These people said, « We have a hard time understanding your mistrust? »
Indeed, I find it very difficult to adhere to their way of thinking. As an engineer, a man of the field, I feel totally foreign to the world of pure scientific research.

On the other hand, I interact a lot with David, an engineer colleague. I love and understand his work, his research and his publications on space time. By contrast, I find it hard to see how his work could advance my technologies in development.

I also know Fabien well, also a research professor. Currently, he plans to organize a conference. He wants to bring together researchers from different backgrounds and different countries to hold a conference on « witchcraft » and the notion of the evil eye.
The other day he said to me, « Right now I act like a conductor. »

And now I hear the fable of the broken canopy.

This fable says that the truth looks like a broken canopy. So people will grab a piece. And each one has a piece of the truth… It would be necessary to collect all the pieces to reconstitute the canopy…
… My attention remains drawn to this fable.

And then talking with Joseph …

Here he says the word « Tilt. » For me, that word really made Tilt!…
Yes! After a few days this word « tilt » acted like the domino effect. In short, the word « Tilt » appealed to me because I know the electric billiard table called Flipper.

And very quickly, I changed my view of talking to all the researchers I come into contact with. Now I approach discussions from a mechanic’s perspective. And I have found that it changes a lot of things for me.

Indeed, I understood that with Manu and all my research friends, I had to look at them and consider them both as a mechanic and as a fitter.

So by analyzing their point, I understood the theory of the event … an event happens when the machine « Tilt »! ! !

Same with David, a steel construction engineer … So I interpreted his work with a mechanic’s eye …

And with you Isabelle and the canopy …

And while listening to the fable of the broken canopy, it made “Tilt”!…,

In fact, I understood that I had to do a mechanical fitter job. The different elements must be assembled with precision. And the glass roof becomes a stained glass window made up of different pieces of glass of different colors and shapes…,

My job and my vocation is to work as an adjuster to precisely assemble the different elements of the stained-glass window. Because once assembled, the canopy becomes a real work of art that resembles a rosette, and which, by allowing light to pass through, reveals to us the precise image of the truth.

Conclusion … This tale of a broken canopy gave me a real leap forward!

So just one word: THANK YOU!

Raoul Bonmartin.

Translated by Obel’Isa.

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