The Way to God: World – Truth

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The Concept of Common Happiness: The Interrelationships

Second reading of the book “The Way to God”, selected writings from Mahatma GANDHI, in order to communicate an innovative concept to create a Fraternal Earth:

  • End the egocentric era where the human being thinks that they can control nature, viruses, health…,
  • Transform our Collective Consciousness:
    1) Peace in the World – We are all natives of the same universal origin,
    2) The Search of Truth – Good and Evil are the two physical extremes of the natural duality of life,
  • Initiate the era of Fraternal Humanity where the human being knows that he is entangled with the Earth, the Universe, all living beings, and that he will find, in the core essence, in the nature, of his humanity, the solutions to resolve climate change, the corona virus crisis, renewable energy sources that respect the environment, wars, inequalities,….

Previous readings to listen to:

When something is alive, it must not be locked up, it must be set in motion.

Reading by Isabelle of the chapter « World » of the Part One Intellectual Foundation and the chapter « Truth » of the Part Two Moral Discipline of the book with selected writings from Mahatma GANDHI « The Way to God », North Atlantic Books 2009

All my apologizes for my french’s accent and my bad pronunciation. I do the best I can. Isabelle

Truth begins at 7:06

The image of the memorials in tribute to Kasturba GANDHI, Mahatma GANDHI’s wife, and Mahadev DESAI, his secretary, who died in captivity is a photo I took in the grounds of the Aga Khan Palace in Pune, in India.

The application for the distribution rights of the book is in progress.

Arun GANDHI foreword « When Grandfather confessed to his Christian friends how much he was impressed by the Sermon on the Mount he was asked, « Why don’t you become a Christian? » « When you convince me that all Christians live according to the Sermon on the Mount, I will be the first to change my religion, » he responded.
On another occasion he said religion is like a mother. However good your friend’s mother may be, you cannot forsake your own. In the spirit of loving one’s mother he chose to remain a Hindu; and also because of the liberty the philosophy afforded an individual. I call Hinduism a philosophy since it is nether an organized religion nor a way of life. It is based on faith and allows an individual the freedom to define one’s own way of worship.
Hinduism is reputed to have more than fifty thousand deities, which does not necessarily mean Hindus believe there are as many Gods. It only means there are so many images of God, and since no one knows what the true image of God is, who can decry the image that someone holds close to the heart?
Gandhi preferred to work within Hinduism because only Hinduism would allow the form of universal worship that he practiced, incorporating, as he did, prayers and hymns from all major religions of the world. Most other organized religions would consider this a blasphemy. Yet, no one can deny that there is a vast difference between the essence, or the core, of the Hinduism that Gandhi discovered and adopted and what is practiced as a religion today.
He sincerely believed in the oneness of God-the images are different, the names are different, but God is one. I hope the essence of this message will come through his writing to the reader, and will be adequately understood and accepted by all of humanity so that we can understand and respect the different images of God. »

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Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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