The placebo effect is no longer to be demonstrated

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Yes! I can testify!

For over twenty years, I took pills to relieve the pain… At one time I had two friends who gave me boxes of tablets because I always missed them!
And then one day, I met a nice lady in a Corsican village. This lady taught me a prayer to say when you have certain pains…
Today this little prayer is enough for me. It’s been over 8 years since I dropped the painkillers….
I admit that sometimes when I am in great pain, I find myself forced to say this prayer, two or three times… but always, until now, the pains almost instantly stop when I say this prayer.
Last summer a friend invited me for a ride on his boat. You should know that doing a boat with others on a sailboat forces us to live in a certain promiscuity… In short, at a certain point in our trip, we had the same kind of pain almost at the same time.
I saw my boyfriend take out a box of pills and eat some…
During that time, I said the prayer… So when he saw me say this prayer, my boyfriend burst out laughing to make fun of me.
– You seem ridiculous wanting to be a child. Here you are back in the Middle Ages, you want to solve your pain problem only with words, without material intervention!
He kept telling me that I was going to become another victim of magical thinking…
– You are showing childishness! He said to me,… Go become an adult and manage reality!
I listened to him talk and I watched him take pills again because he was still in pain…
…. Anyway, over time I have started to understand that finally this prayer that I say when I have pain has a placebo effect. This prayer that this lady taught me, I know that she learned it from her mother who herself learned it from her mother, and so on since the dawn of time, women, healers or shamans pass on recipes, methods or tips that improve life.
If we analyze this prayer we realize that it consists of juxtaposing very particular words. So by pronouncing these words they come to act on our body…
If we want to deepen and analyze the text of this prayer we realize that the juxtaposition of certain words causes a shock at the emotional level and of understanding. And it is very difficult to understand the meaning of this kind of prayer…
You should know that Boris Cyrulnik wrote: « Speech is a molecule of energy! » Certain words act as energy that revives us.
Magnetizers, healers, acupuncturists help us first and foremost to drain the flow of our own energy, but these are always « crutches » which, like all remedies, can be transiently very, very useful.
I am awake that I am using this prayer as a crutch. On the other hand, this lady refuses to be talked about, she refuses to be paid… She naturally heals and gives advice to the people she loves. So, every time I pass in his region, I make a detour to go and give him gifts in secret…
Raoul Bonmartin

Translated by Obel’Isa

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