Brown Morning by Franck PAVLOFF

Cette page est également disponible en français.

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Charlie and his friend live in a time marked by the rise of an extreme totalitarian regime: the brown State.

Everyday life goes on more or less as normal: they read the newspapers over morning coffee; they watch football and play cards. So, to avoid trouble, they fall in with the small changes and seemingly insignificant edicts of the powers-that-be, turning a blind eye to what is really happening… with disastrous consequences.

Reading by Isabelle of the text « Brown Morning » by Franck PAVLOFF, translated from the French by Chris Mulhern, The O’Brien Press DUBLIN, 2003

All my apologizes for my french’s accent and my bad pronunciation. I do the best I can. Isabelle

This text is read without agreement or denial of distribution rights by the publisher and the author.

Franck PAVLOFF is a psychologist and a specialist in children’s rights. He spend ten years working with community development projects throughout Africa and Asia and another twenty years supporting associations to combat delinquency and drug abuse. His published work includes novels for adults and children as well as two volumes of poetry. Of Bulgarian and French extraction, he lives in Grenoble, France.

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