Compensate for the ambiguity of natural duality

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The measures taken by governments are inadequate to deal with the corona virus, deal with climate change, deal with inequalities and growing cruelty.

His upheavals are symptoms of a root cause of the meaninglessness given to life on Earth:

  • A lack that has created entangled global disorders;
  • A rift between the rich and the poor which is rising,
  • Nature that is dying.

The solutions to harmonize life on Earth lie in our humanity, it differentiates us from animals, it is the gift that nature has given us to be able to create ecosystems in our image.

Evolutionize of our Collective Consciousness

  • The Earth is vital for terrestrial life.
  • It is influenced by the actions of all living beings, the climate and human activity.
  • The three « livings kingdoms » -Animals, Plants, Microorganism- are able to modify the terrestrial ecosystem only where they live,
  • The Humans are able to modify the terrestrial ecosystem at the planetary scale, mainly through money and economics.
  • But while it is true that we are masters of our choices, we are slaves to the side effects of our choices.

We can find a new life balance between the natural terrestrial ecosystem and human activity taking into account of the presence of the five living kingdoms of the natural terrestrial ecosystem, and by carrying out collective acts of « Searching Harmony of Life on Earth » on a global scale.

  • No individual person can deal with global problems.
  • There are choices, actions that must be taken on a planetary scale, by connecting people who want to see the world come harmonious,
  • Build an action plan of local and global ideas to be tested, in order to harmonize life on Earth, through human activities that respect natural resources,
  • Realize it step by step by investing money to create a dynamic between activities that accumulate money and humanitarian actions that consume it,
  • Readjust it whenever necessary, depending on the signals we receive, the vital limits we discover and / or new people arriving,
  • Money is not a natural resource resulting from the natural terrestrial ecosystem but a human resource that comes and can only be used in human activity,
  • It is on the path to a Fraternal Earth that money will find its place and become a means of acting for the well-being of humanity on a planetary scale.

We have the option of choosing the world we want to live in, so

Let’s give free reign to the harmony of common happiness

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Retrouver la paix intérieure : Source de la santé, l'harmonie avec le monde. {Find again inner peace: Source of the health, the harmony with the world.}

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