What Are We Alive For

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Today the balance between the natural terrestrial ecosystem and human activity is upset.

If the natural earth’s ecosystem dies, we will not survive.

But for the moment it is still there.

We Are Creator Of The World

Let’s use our natural creative power, to create a bright future for our children, to create a Fraternal Earth.

Let’s collect the thoughts and dreams of Peace from the 7 billion people who inhabit the Earth.

Among the human imagination, let’s connect the common points and develop actions to anchor Peace on Earth.

Let’s think about what is essential for living

If the laws of nature are governed by harmony,

Why does life success to live with disorder?

Give your answer on what is essential to feel alive with a participatory commentary.

@t your pens.
Fraternally Thank you.

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Textes, philosophie, actions pour l'Humanité Fraternelle. {Texts, philosophy, actions for Fraternal Humanity.}

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