Humanist Entrepreneur, for a nature planet

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There are NGOs, associations, collectives, petition sites, citizens, who have concrete ideas that would bring harmonious life to Earth, but they lack money, and decision-making media impact.

  • We could overcome this if a person who wishes to undertake for humanity can be employed by NGOs or associations, which would benefit from the expertise and benefits resulting from the employee’s entrepreneurial work, for realizing their own humanist / associative actions, in exchange for a specific distribution of employee’s working time.
    The employee and the employer can have different fields of activity, the important thing is to share the same objective: to bring a better life on Earth, at the level of human beings or the terrestrial ecosystem.
  • It could also be entrepreneurs who transfer a part of their profit to an NGO, an association, a collective and who appear in a section « Partners – Humanists – Entrepreneurs » offering them visibility so that members of this organization can favor humanist entrepreneurs.
    Today, the tools to carry out remote workshops are multiplying and offer real possibilities for entrepreneurs of coaching, personal development,… to have a clientele far from home, without causing polluting trips and wasted time.
  • The important thing is to share the same desire to respect the harmony between the natural terrestrial ecosystem and human activity.

It is a temporary solution to reply the lack of money invested for the well being at a local, nation or global scale.

Whether it is humanitarian organizations, associations, collectives, or research projects that do not wish to patent their research but make them accessible to all, it is very difficult to find the necessary funds to carry out all the essential actions.

I encounter this problem to develop Ki-Regeneration® in order to be able, among other things, to regenerate the amputated limbs of children who have jumped on anti-personnel bombs.

What do you think?

Publié par ki-Regeneration

Régénérer Naturellement la Vie. {Regenerate Life Naturally.}

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