Natural Harmony of Life on Earth

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In a fraternal world, we cannot force someone to do something that they do not want to do.

When we act on a global scale, we are not master of the end result as the five « living systems » of the natural terrestrial ecosystem will rebalance in unpredictable ways, following the changes caused by the actions taken.

To reach our destination, let’s use natural duality to stay the course during the stages of « Biological Coaching Life on Earth ».

1, The goal to reach: Naturally Harmonize Life on Earth

There are two important points to consider:

  • No need to look for the details of the actions to be taken in order to obtain a final result, since we cannot anticipate the reaction of « living systems ».
  • No need to wait until everyone to be ready, or expect everyone to agree, to start taking action.

The important thing is to have the same destination: A Fraternal Earth and use Creativity to reach there.

2, The five levels of functional biological architecture
  • The Backbone – the universal support: Ecosystem.

Definition of an ecosystem: System formed by an environment (biotope) and by all the species (biocenosis) that live there, feed on and reproduce there.

Whatever the scale at which we look at life -World, Country, Family, Work,…- it is always characterized by interactions between
– Living beings -humans, animals, microorganisms, plants- and
A terrestrial space -the Earth- which has
– natural ecological characteristics (temperature, humidity,…) which define the climate, taking into account the presence of living beings, we are talking about nature and
– human ecological characteristics (buildings, gardens, roads,…) resulting from human activity, which are said to be artificial because they would not exist without human intervention.

The terrestrial ecosystem is the place where nature and living beings interact. To harmonize Life on Earth, it is necessary to reflect as relation. Five Relations exist: Living beings among themselves – Living beings and nature – Living beings and artificial spaces resulting from human activity – Human activity and nature – Human activity and artificial spaces resulting from human activity, giving birth to natural ecosystems and artificial ecosystems. Let’s discover in the terrestrial ecosystem, the different interactions, let’s define whether they are natural or artificial and let’s personalize their harmonization.

  • The Delimitation – « closed spaces »: Natural and human resources.

There are five « living systems » in the natural terrestrial ecosystem -Humans, Animals, Plants, Microorganisms, the Earth ».

Everyone has their own nature, their own needs, their own instincts, their own bio-diversity.

Each is a resource for Life, with different predispositions:

The Earth is the most important since it carries Life, without it all terrestrial life disappears,
Plants provide food, medicine, oxygen which is vital for sustaining life,
Some saprophytic microorganisms break down waste into nutrients for the benefit of all, other pathogens are there to give us the opportunity to check whether our immune system is strong or weak, and thus allows us to verify the importance and responsibility that we give to our physical body,
Animals are autonomous, companions of human beings, workers, food,… they are a diversity of resources almost as important as human being,
Human beings have developed culture, storytelling, sharing, art,…, money a great diversity of resources from which we can draw ideas to harmonize Life on Earth.

What defines life on Earth is the physical reality of Life, what we do with our lives and what other « living systems » of the natural terrestrial ecosystem are doing. It is only possible by transforming the existing to which we give another meaning.

Natural resources must be identified and differentiated from human resources. If natural resources disappear, nothing will be possible.

Natural resources -nature, landscape, culture- are the Reservoir of Life. Money is an human resource that comes and can only be used in human activity. It is Used to Modify on a Planetary scale natural and artificial ecosystems. Natural resources must be preserved so that the physical reality of Terrestrial Life may remain for a long time yet a creation of beauty and a source of inspiration.

  • Exchanges – signals: Adjustment signal.

To each of our actions, the « living systems » react and we see within the natural terrestrial ecosystem, the appearance of particular terrestrial ecosystems, which are the result of all the visible and invisible, predictable and unpredictable interactions that unite all « living systems » to natural and human resources.

The Side Effects bring a better, a worse or have no effect on the terrestrial and human ecosystems whether local or distant. Let’s highlight the changes, let’s analyze them to know if the balance is maintained, and let’s define the limits not to be exceeded.

  • Synchronization – retroactive loops: Vital limit.

Beauty, health, climate, pandemics, violence are the fruit of the natural duality of life.

When a « living system » is in equilibrium, it is able to readjust to the slightest disturbance that occurs, no need to worry, everything is going well, the disturbances are self-managing.

When a « living system » is out of balance, because it oscillates too close to vital limits, its natural self-regeneration program is disturbed, the vision of terrestrial life must be revised to regain balance.

Balance is in phase with Harmony, imbalance is in phase with Disorder; the upheavals are symptoms of a root cause of meaninglessness given to life on Earth. Let’s reverse our way of conceiving collective choices, the most important is the Destination, let’s choose natural, it will show us the current choices to stop, those to reduce, those to favor.

  • A whole – interdependence: Human dignity.

There is in us, a Humanity part which is specific to us, which distinguishes us from the other four “living systems” of the natural terrestrial ecosystem -Animals, Plants, Microorganisms, the Earth- which makes us human beings.

This « Humanity » is difficult to define with concepts, words, obligations, prohibitions, laws, duties and rights, but it is a reality which is called Human Dignity.

It is from this that we derive our Most Beautiful Deeds, our Compassion, our Sensitivity. It is from this that we will find solutions to naturally harmonize life on Earth.

3, We are Creator of the World

All physical reality is a Conscious Matter Energy Duality,
a back-and-forth of Consciousness « Conscious – Subconscious – Unconscious »
between two extremes:

– Between the beginning and the end,
– Between the past and the future,
– Between the birth and the death,
– Between what we want and what we will have,
– Between before and after, who leaves things as they are, who nuances them or who changes everything.

An accord at three scales « Universal – Collective – Individual ».

What Are We Alive For?

Let’s Observe life on earth in search of signs of Harmony, signs of Change, let’s learn to Appreciate Natural resources and Human resources, let’s respect the Vital limits. Perfection is in the balance of the whole, the five « living systems » of the natural terrestrial ecosystem orchestrated by the Natural Harmony of Life on Earth.

We can rise to the challenge of making it a reality,

Let’s connect the heart of Humanity

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